Your PunkTorah Guide To Passover



Passover is almost here, and that means house cleaning, grocery shopping, and of course, binge eating chametz!

Here at PunkTorah, we have a few resources to make the transition from everyday life to Passover 5774 even easier.

Have A Good Laugh

Jews love a good joke, and a good story. Mother Morpher has a terrific article on the joys of Passover shopping online.

Watch Some “Edu-Tainment”

This Passover roundup of videos from the PunkTorah archive will give you insights into the holiday, it’s meaning and observance. There’s also a lot of “vintage PunkTorah” in this video series for all the n00bs.

Get the Kids Involved!

Passover is a great holiday for kids, even if it does wreck the hearts of a few picky eaters. PunkTorah can help your seder be magical and kid friendly, and our kids haggadah is always a crowd pleaser.

Cook, Of Course

Our funky vegan cookbook has some really terrific Passover recipes, including a baked eggplant that’s plague-worthy on its own

Give Tzedakah, In Honor of the Lego Star Wars Passover

We get caught up in the spirit of seders, family and friends, and it’s easy to forget that the Jewish holidays command us to give. This terrific photo series of Aiden’s Lego Starwars Diorama calls us to a deeper sense of what these holidays are really about.

Chag Sameach! Happy Passover!