Verbage: When Do You Consider Yourself Jewish?

batman and purple hairs

I get weirded out by nouns. Specifically of the proper variety. I know I’m a blogger/writer or whatever and I should be in love with ALL THE GRAMMARS!! but dudes I’m just not. Well, not when I guess it comes to me, like about me? I don’t know. Let me just tell you the story.

Sometimes I speak in “we” and “us”. It’s one of those weird things people in relationships and with small babies do. We went to the park. We are hungry. We are cold. Some of those are legit, like we went to the park, obviously little man and I BOTH did go somewhere. Do I always know WE are hungry? No. I do not. Sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m right, but you bet your bottom dollar I’ll say it again in a few minutes.

There are times when I say things like “they” and “them”. Usually involving my school, or my family. They want to get ice cream. They said we’re off for President’s day. That kind of thing. Yes I’m a part of my school, and YES I’m a part of my family, but sometimes don’t you feel like you’re not included in these phrases? I mean, I do.

That’s what this is all about. I was told once you start thinking in “we” and “us” instead of “them” and “them” in Judaism, you’re done. You’re there. I assume some sort of party is held in your honor (with wine of course) and confetti is thrown from the sky. Your will SURELY look like Ray Lewis’ when he cried all this year, and it’ll be a joyous occasion.

There are many times when I’m like “THEY” celebrate Purim in a few weeks, and then not even the next sentence will come out “WE” celebrate is by (fill in the blank). I tend to do that a lot though. Think I’m un-included in the things I’m clearly included in. I just seriously wrote an email to someone about “those guys” at Punk Torah, to which I got a very confused reply of “Well aren’t you one of them guys too?” Good question email-er. Good question.

So here’s my question to you, kids and people, when did YOU consider yourself one of “them”? Was it something that was said to you? Was it some weird/awesome moment in time where confetti really did come out of the ceiling? Where you defending a belief and figure it out? TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!!

Jacqueline D. is a 20something “stupid new converting noob”, who likes comic books, nail polish, and will be your best friend if you buy her a slushy. Most of her life is spent over at Mother Morpher where she blogs sometimes.