Vegetarian and Vegan Passover Recipes


If you’re looking for animal friendly Passover alternatives, look no further than the NewKosher vegan cookbook. Chock full of Passover recipes, as well as delicious recipes for the entire Jewish year, this book is holy in more ways than one. Of course, who wouldn’t love Matzo-Potato Ball Soup, Salad of Romaine Hearts, Eggplant “Cookies” with Roasted Tomato Sauce, Oven-Roasted Baby Beets and Chocolate-Caramel-Almond Matzo?

To download this free eBook, just click this link. You’ll enter your email address — and POOF — like magic, you can download this and many other awesome, free Jewish eBooks.

In addition, check out some of our other great Passover recipes throughout the PunkTorah blog. We’ve made substitution recommendations for vegans:

Vegan Mushroom “Chopped Liver”

Vegan Truffle Chocolate Pie

Jewsy Boozy Potato Vodka Exodus Lemonade

Moroccan Orange Carrot Salad (omit the yogurt and substitute agave nectar for honey)

Nigella’s Butternut Squash With Pecan (omit the blue cheese)

Vegetarian Gefilte Fish (contains eggs)