The Ultimate Shavuot Guide: Essays, Recipes, Rituals and More!


Imagine a mountainous buffet of ice cream, cookies, blintzes, cheesecake and pie. Imagine dozens of people sitting around, slamming coffee, cola and energy drinks, feverously debating Jewish law, telling fantastical stories from the Torah and Talmud, breaking into discussions about contemporary issues like Israel and the state of Jews around the world.

Imagine yourself there.

Interested? Then keep reading.

The newest book from the PunkTorah family, The Ultimate Shavuot guide is an epic collection of spiritual essays, easy to use rituals, and of course, delicious recipes (because what Jewish book DOESN’T have food???) In typical PunkTorah fashion, we wanted Shavuot to be accessible to everyone. Dairy recipes are the custom, but of course, we have plenty of vegan Shavuot recipes as well. Don’t know Hebrew? Don’t worry — the blessings are transliterated.

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