The G-d Project and Parshat Ki Tavo

Today is The Big Drop at The G-d Project: over one hundred videos of Jews across the country talking about…well…God!

We are so thrilled by the response we have already received about The G-d Project and look forward to you checking out the videos. This is an ongoing project, with new videos posting every single week.

What does this have to do with Parshat Ki Tavo?

Ki Tavo describes the relationship between G-d and giving. We are each to give one tenth of our first fruits as a sacrifice. The logic goes: we were slaves in Egypt, G-d rescued us, brought us to a new land, and now we give our first fruits as a way of saying thank you.

The G-d Project is a similar idea: each of us, no matter who we are, whatever kind of Jew we may be, can offer our souls to G-d. Remember, the giving of the first fruits was a public act. And while some of us do not have a garden we can sacrifice, we can sacrifice our time by making a video that will help others around the world connect with the divine.

So check out a few of our favorite videos below. And submit your own first fruits!

  • Tashanna Bryson

    Well Patrick came to the temple that I am currently attending this weekend and I was very interested to find this is going on, I have to say after what I have read and watched this is great! I always love to talk about G-d and I can think back where I have had a few conversations where I have mentioned G-d and I get a blank stare as if I said something wrong. Well this I hope will help people to talk about G-d and feel compfortable, I mean seriously we are Jew we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about G-d.
    I hope the best with this.
    Tashanna (Adi)

  • punktorah

    Hey Adi, it was AWESOME to be there and I loved your community! Thank you so much for coming around and checking us out. Have you been to yet? Would love to introduce you to our online shul. Thanks and Shana Tovah. -Patrick