PunkTorah Podcast: Reform Judaism’s (Proposed) Lack of Vision + More!

Are the founders of Reform Judaism rolling over in their graves about the new proposed vision statement of Reform Judaism? And what does TV Guide teach us about Jewish innovation? All this and more in this week’s PunkTorah Podcast.

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This week’s podcast features the music of the folk-punk band Two Gallants.

  • http://reformsynagogues.blogspot.com/ Don Warner Saklad

    The synagogue model could be updated for 2012. Groups like public television and public radio reach audiences first and then raise funds. Our synagogues might look at that model in reaching out in our synagogues’ communities. For example, a large Boston synagogue along the Riverway attempts to reach out, enunciating all the right words but doesn’t manage to put into practice the same experience as communicated in the words merely enunciated. A welcoming spirit toward people is more than mere words.