Parsha Acharei-Kedoshim – Love the Convert


In this week's parsha we learn of the Torah's high regard for "strangers" or "ger."  Most often, these terms are referred to as meaning a Jewish convert who is living with the Israelite tribe.  The particular verse is Leviticus 19:34, "The strangers … [Continue reading]

Parsha Tazria-Metzora – Leprosy and Being Unclean

From reading this week's parshas we learn about the disease of leprosy and being unclean.  The ancient disease of leprosy is always somewhat scary - even for today's Jews.  The idea of getting this disease and the physical disfiguring that it can … [Continue reading]

Five Ways To Reflect On the Holocaust


Today we begin Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Here at PunkTorah, we have four resources that give pause to reflect on the meaning of the Jewish community's greatest modern tragedy. Learn About the Holocaust on Darshan Yeshiva Our Intro … [Continue reading]

Free Mishnah Classes at Darshan Yeshiva


Talmud study is ridiculously intimidating. But not anymore. Darshan Yeshiva is now offering a seven-part Intro to Mishnah class, a great way to get started in Talmud study. With seven podcasts and thirteen handouts, students will gain a sense of … [Continue reading]

Parsha Shemini – A Kosher Life

kosher cup raspberries

In this week's parsha we learn about the kosher laws or kashrut.  Keeping kosher is a way of making the everyday actions of eating into a holy act.  Actually, it is quite easy to be kosher.  For example, I have never eaten a chameleon, mole, ostrich … [Continue reading]