Parsha Tetzaveh – Back to the Past?


This week's parsha of Tetzaveh is about temples, sacrifices and priests - oh my! Seriously, we who live in the 21st Century have a hard time understanding the reasons for all of this.  Regarding kohanim, it goes against our modernity and and sense of … [Continue reading]

Convert with Conservative and Reform Rabbis at Darshan Yeshiva

romer headshot

Darshan Yeshiva, a sister website of PunkTorah, provides distance-learning conversion to Judaism through Reform, Conservative and Post-Denominational rabbis (with Orthodox rabbis coming soon!) Rabbi Ben Romer (Reform) Our current Reform rabbi is … [Continue reading]

Parshah Mishpatim: An Eye for an Eye


My phone buzzed with another Facebook notification. A friend had added me to a group for Jews committed to creating a more just world. Scrolling through the group’s virtual wall, I noted invitations to various awareness-raising events, all-calls for … [Continue reading]

Parshah Yitro: A Mighty Fine Legacy

Today, I drafted a living will, delineating the course of action to be taken should I ever become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for myself. This will extends beyond the medical to include treatment of my body after death, funeral, burial … [Continue reading]

Planting, Seders and Psalms: Practices for Shevat

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Editors Note: we will be having a Tu B'Shevat themed service on Tuesday, February 3rd at 8PM EST at When most people think of Shevat, they think of Tu b’Shevat, the “new year” of the trees.  Tu b’Shevat is one of the four new years in … [Continue reading]