Convert to Judaism Online with Reform, Conservative and Jewish Renewal Rabbis

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Our sister website Darshan Yeshiva has Reform, Conservative, Jewish Renewal, and Post-Denominational rabbis ready to help you convert to Judaism at your own pace. Our program takes ten months and includes online learning, one-on-one mentorship with … [Continue reading]

What’s the Point of Religion? (or, The Journey Inside/Outside)


Every culture has a story about a journey. The hero, who we identify with, leaves home and goes on a journey through mythic lands, encountering amazing people and objects along the way, and in the end, after making some kind of accomplishment … [Continue reading]

Yom Kippur Fasting


All anyone ever wants to talk about on Yom Kippur is fasting. Teshuva is iffy. Going without something to eat? That's a whole other story! So here's the best that the net has to offer on the least, that's what I think. Why Jews Fast - … [Continue reading]

Foregiveness: A Yom Kippur Thought


In the midst of a deep spiritual crises, the "golden calf" episode, the Creator revealed to Moses the "Thirteen Attributes of Compassion" (Exodus 34:6,7). Since then, invoking these "Thirteen Attributes" at opportune times have brought about the … [Continue reading]

Haazinu: Music In The Message (Deut 32:1 – 32:52)


In Parsha Haazinu Moses recites the song he scribed in the previous portion. He knows his life and his life’s work is at an end and as a parting song Moses recites words that act as an indictment of the ancient Hebrew’s sins, words that foretell … [Continue reading]

Has Anyone Seen My Kavanah?


Okay, here’s the thing: while I typically possess the organizational skills of an ant with OCD, over this past year my every attempt at organization has been confounded. I believe that this is due, in large part, to my lifestyle becoming increasingly … [Continue reading]