Making Your Seder Kid Friendly and Magical


The year: 1999. The place: Beth Shalom Congregation, Elkins Park, PA, event hall. The room is full of about 150 elementary school students, sitting around round tables laden with plastic plates, wine cups we made ourselves, all fidgeting in our new … [Continue reading]

Vegetarian and Vegan Passover Recipes


If you're looking for animal friendly Passover alternatives, look no further than the NewKosher vegan cookbook. Chock full of Passover recipes, as well as delicious recipes for the entire Jewish year, this book is holy in more ways than one. Of … [Continue reading]

Your PunkTorah Guide To Passover


  Passover is almost here, and that means house cleaning, grocery shopping, and of course, binge eating chametz! Here at PunkTorah, we have a few resources to make the transition from everyday life to Passover 5774 even easier. Have A … [Continue reading]

Passover – A Celebration of Life and Freedom


As Jews, we suspend Torah reading for the eight days of Passover to reflect on our freedom and the story of Exodus.  Modern Jews, of course, have never been slaves nor do we have any real understanding of how horrific it would be.  We also know that … [Continue reading]

Parsha Tzav – Is Anyone Born Better?


This week's parsha of Tzav describes the Jewish priestly class of kohanim.  Being a kohanim was passed down by the father, not the mother, patrilineally not matrilineally.  Other human cultures had royal families where power was passed down to … [Continue reading]