Flashback Friday: Is Jewish Life Getting Better Or Worse? (Parshah Va’etchanan)


A guy once told me that, at least in his opinion, Jewish life was getting worse from generation to generation. The farther away we moved from Sinai, he believed, the more we forgot about the mitzvot and thus were farther removed from God. He cited … [Continue reading]

PunkTorah sponsoring Twelve Tribes: celebrating Jews of all colors


More info here … [Continue reading]

Tisha b’Av, A Holy Day of Sadness

A Jewish worshipper prays at the Western Wall during prayers marking Tisha B'Av, in Jerusalem

Tish b’Av, a holy day of sadness, commemorates the destruction of the first and second Temples, a day when we read the Book of Lamentations and on which many fast. Is there any benefit to living in the past, focusing on tragedy? Or can we perhaps … [Continue reading]

The Bible Is Really Boring


The Bible is filled with tiny, mundane details that are boring at best and that frankly don’t apply to our lives today. Why would someone read the Bible when most of it is about people “begatting” each other and about a bunch of animal … [Continue reading]

Flashback Friday: What’s the Right Cup Size for this Idol? Parsha Balak + Breasts

bra square

Aside from occasionally stashing an iPod in my sports bra while working out, I’ve never found my boobs a particularly convenient cache for goods. Nor do I imagine anything larger than an iPod would make for swift and graceful recovery in a moment of … [Continue reading]