Bible stories about 2Pac, mall water fountains, and what happens when we lose the point

pouring one out

Gather around as we tell the ancient story of 2Pac, toss coins into mall water fountains and try to figure out why we keep doing the same pointless stuff over and over again. (And some Bible just for fun.) Mall Water Fountains Like many of you, … [Continue reading]

Parsha Korach – Bad Advice

The Rebbe once said, "Either you will affect your environment, or your environment will affect you. There is no middle ground." ┬áIn this week's parsha of Korach, an charismatic person (Korach) tried to take control of the temple of Israel in … [Continue reading]

Meet Channah Chaya, Our Newest Writer, On Her Two Month “Conversionsary”


Recently I reached out to a young woman on Facebook who is about to go through the process of the beit den to finish her conversion to Judaism. Although I am a Jew-by-Choice (a term I will be using to describe myself but I do not apply the same … [Continue reading]

The Garden of Eden and Why Lotto Winners Go Bankrupt (With Something About Mike Rowe From Dirty Jobs)

Dirty Jobs #150

Let's talk about the Garden of Eden, why lotto winners almost always go bankrupt, the Near Eastern concept of heaven, and why Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs is an accidental theologian. Heaven In the book Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the … [Continue reading]

Parsha Shelach – You Have Courage


Have you ever came up with an idea that you thought would be terrific and everyone you talked to told you not to do it? This is a common story with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. They too were told that is was too … [Continue reading]