Parsha Tzav – Is Anyone Born Better?


This week's parsha of Tzav describes the Jewish priestly class of kohanim.  Being a kohanim was passed down by the father, not the mother, patrilineally not matrilineally.  Other human cultures had royal families where power was passed down to … [Continue reading]

Thank You For Helping Me Grow Up: A Confession By Rabbi Patrick


Yesterday I had the honor of sitting on the bet din of Rabbi Mitch Cohen, one of the rabbis who provides conversion through our sister website Darshan Yeshiva. It's a true blessing to sit on his bet din because Rabbi Mitch and I have become friends … [Continue reading]

Parsha Vayikra – Sacrifices and PETA


Although People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is often over-the-top (they compared chickens to the Holocaust), most Jews are in favor of the ethical treatment of animals.  In this week's parsha of Vayikra, much of the parsha is about … [Continue reading]

Parsha Vayakhel – What Day Is Shabbat?

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In today's world we tend to live a 24/7 week where the days often seem to run together.  The Monday through Friday workweek is not one that all of us have.  Yet, as Jews, we are told in this week's parsha of Vayakhel that we must not work on Shabbat … [Continue reading]

Parsha Ki Tisa – What Is Our Idol?


This week's parsha of Ki Tisa is probably most known for the "Golden Calf", the idol that the Israelites decided to worship when Moses did not show up when they expected him.  We may think it is ridiculous that the Israelites of that day thought an … [Continue reading]