Stereotypes Wear Different Jewish Faces


We as the new revolution of Jews ask ourselves about how we feel in social situations in regards to our religion. Is it okay to marry a gentile? Do I have to go to Passover at my cousin’s house when I might be able to visit with friends instead? … [Continue reading]

Parshah Lech Lecha: Secret Sisterhood


In legal terms, divorce is fairly straight-forward – a strict delineation of names, assets, and debts. But in practice and process, it is far less tidy. Several years ago, the end of my own marriage proved a severe and bottomless shattering. … [Continue reading]

Bushwhacking My Way To Divinity: Parshah Noach

overgrown landscape

Two years ago, 5774, my father died alone, suffering severe alcohol withdrawal. My mother, whose mental health has been compromised for years, disappeared. After a police report covering 3 states was filed, she suddenly reappeared, raising more … [Continue reading]

It Gets Better


  Click here and take the pledge and help spread our message of hope. It Gets Better. THE PLEDGE: Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors. I'll speak up … [Continue reading]

Simchas Toy-rah, Google SEO, and Why No One Cares That You’re A Convert

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Let's talk about Google SEO, Simchat Torah and why people are super paranoid about being outed as converts. SEO I heard from a friend of mine that a certain Jewish movement was going to begin focusing heavily on Internet SEO (search engine … [Continue reading]

Bereishit Haftarah: Our Story, Told Again


This week, we observe the holiday of Simchat Torah, which means “rejoice in the Torah” as we complete a cycle of Torah reading. During the year, the weekly parshot have taken us through the entire Torah. Amidst the spirited festivities of this … [Continue reading]