Online Reform and Conservative Conversion To Judaism Program

Darshan Yeshiva’s online conversion program is distance learning based, inexpensive and self-paced. Designed to take ten months, the program covers all of the basics of Jewish life and learning, and includes one of a kind mentorship and a valid Reform, Conservative or post-denominational conversion.

The online conversion to Judaism program includes:

  • Online education through the Darshan Yeshiva’s unique student portal. Classes including Jewish history, holidays, peoplehood, arts/culture, prayerbook Hebrew basics, Hebrew Bible, Intro to Talmud and basic Jewish practice (prayer, mitzvot, etc.)
  • Meeting with your conversion rabbi via Skype or phone
  • Bet Din with Reform, Conservative, Renewal, and Post-Denominational rabbis
  • Conversion certificate signed by the bet din
  • After conversion, you will also receive a lifetime subscription to Darshan Yeshiva’s many different ongoing programs, such as Intro to Judaism, Darshan Training, Torah Study and more

Fees for education, mentorship, the bet din and mikvah are taken care of entirely in the program.