Online Reform and Conservative Conversion To Judaism Program

Darshan Yeshiva’s online conversion program is distance learning based, inexpensive and self-paced. Designed to take ten months, the program covers all of the basics of Jewish life and learning, and includes one of a kind mentorship and a valid Reform, Conservative or post-denominational conversion.

The online conversion to Judaism program includes:

  • Online education through the Darshan Yeshiva’s unique student portal. Classes including Jewish history, holidays, peoplehood, arts/culture, prayerbook Hebrew basics, Hebrew Bible, Intro to Talmud and basic Jewish practice (prayer, mitzvot, etc.)
  • Meeting with your conversion rabbi via Skype or phone
  • Bet Din with Reform, Conservative, Renewal, and Post-Denominational rabbis
  • Conversion certificate signed by the bet din
  • After conversion, you will also receive a lifetime subscription to Darshan Yeshiva’s many different ongoing programs, such as Intro to Judaism, Darshan Training, Torah Study and more

Fees for education, mentorship, the bet din and mikvah are taken care of entirely in the program.

  • Paschal Ike

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  • Paschal Ike

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  • Steve

    Out of interest Do I have to get circumcised? Is this arranged or can I do it online?You have a rabbi/doctor who can guide me?

  • Yosef Yaakov Bar Olenick

    Are these conversion Orthodox? I really would like to convert through an Orthodox movement but don’t have the financial means to do so. So in Doing this conversion, will I obtain the knowledge of an Orthodox Jew? In other words, will I be knowledgable to the extent of being an orthodox?

  • Joshua Lee Guillim

    Oh i would love to participate in this program! I have wanted to convert for a long time :)

  • Fat Lip

    no you can arrange to have a reform “beit din” and a mikvah anywhere, whats not mentioned here is that you need to pay unless your community has a swimming pool or mikvah, same with circumcision, and you should prove you attened shull with a community for up to one year.

  • ioan

    this is what

  • Sam

    How about if person living in Muslim country where he find local rabbi, mohel and mikvak… I am suffering this things from last 2 years, if person are not strong financially and worst country nationality so how can travel easily.

  • Pooja Shah

    Im from India Pune.. I am interesting in Judaism. Anyone guide me from India? contact me on

  • Monica Davidson

    What does it mean that couples and families with children are free?

  • Samir Halabi

    Reform Judaism is not Judaism!!!

  • Luisa

    Shalom! I have a question..Can I do the program conversion to Judaism when I am living in Finland?

  • punktorah

    Absolutely! The entire program is distance learning based. You only have to travel to your bet din. Just go to to get started.

  • punktorah

    Monica – in the older version of our program, families were treated as ‘one’ conversion, meaning that in a two parent, two child household, you would only have to pay for one conversion. However, in order to provide more rabbis around the world to meet the growing demand for conversion, we had to change our program a bit. Adults must pay for their own conversion. Children are still free. Here’s all the info you need:

  • punktorah

    India – everything is done online. You can learn more about our program here:

  • punktorah

    Unfortunately we cannot do conversions in countries were conversion outside of Islam is illegal. This is for your safety. I’m sorry we cannot be more help.

  • punktorah

    Hey Joshua, glad you are interested! Here’s what you need to get started:

  • punktorah

    We currently do not have any Orthodox rabbis. We are working on that right now. Stay up-to-date by visiting our website

  • punktorah

    Hi Steve. Different rabbis have different approaches to this. If you check out the rabbi list, you will find some who require and some who say it is optional. Take a look and see who might be right for you:

  • Wajid Gold Mirza

    i wish full judaism

  • Debra Anne Kerkkonen

    Luisa, yes you can. Google Sim Shalom online Synagogue and speek with Rabbi Steven Blane or another Rabbi there, they offer a conversion program.
    May HaShem bless you.

  • Kiki

    What? Can you get circumcised online? Geez. ahahha

  • jew

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  • Asif i

    Dear u going in wrong direction..
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    2. Jesus Christ rectified them and now they called as Christians – later people forget its principals then God Sends the last one
    3. Hazrat Muhamad S.A.W. is the last and final Prophet for all humanity and who follow the rules & guidelines of Islam called as Muslims. (But seems now a days most of peoples doesn’t follow it 100%, so dont see people what they do, Read about Quran & Books, u will find a way of life.)

  • Fat Lip

    there is no such thing as converting online or long distance, how ever you can study and be ready to register for a beit din where you can convert, wherever in your area exists one.