Online Conversion To Judaism Program

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Darshan Yeshiva’s online conversion program is distance learning based, inexpensive and self-paced. Designed to take six to ten months, the program covers all of the basics of Jewish life and learning, and includes one of a kind mentorship and a valid conversion.

The online conversion to Judaism program includes:

  • Online education through the Darshan Yeshiva’s unique student portal. Classes including Jewish history, holidays, peoplehood, arts/culture, prayerbook Hebrew basics, Hebrew Bible, Intro to Talmud and basic Jewish practice (prayer, mitzvot, etc.)
  • Three to six meetings with a conversion mentor via Skype or phone
  • Bet Din with Reform rabbis as well as mikvah in a Conservative synagogue in Atlanta, GA (scheduled at your convenience)
  • Conversion certificate signed by the bet din
  • After conversion, you will also receive a lifetime subscription to Darshan Yeshiva’s Intro to Judaism program

Fees for education, mentorship, the bet din and mikvah are taken care of entirely in the program. Additionally, couples (married or unmarried) and families with children converting together are free.

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  • Rachel-Esther Bat-Avraham

    I am so happy that you have decided to do this Patrick. There are so many people wanting to convert who are experiencing problems or don’t “fit in” in a mainstream Jewish world. I am glad that you can be of assistance to the potential convert. If you need any help you know where to find me.

  • Anthony Adams

    While I understand that conversions won’t be recognized by Orthodox rabbis, will the conversion be recognized by the Israeli government in regards to traveling to Israel under the Law of Return?

  • Andrea

    Will there be any way for this to be accessible to those who are unable to travel? There is no way I will be able to afford a trip to Atlanta for now or the foreseeable future…

  • PunkTorah

    To convert to Judaism, one needs a bet din and a mikveh. So the question is, without coming to Atlanta where we have that available, how would you like to make those resources possible in your area? Do you have some thoughts, because this is certainly something we want to explore. Thanks!

  • PunkTorah

    Israeli law says that a person who converts Conservative, Reform or Orthodox can be an Israeli citizen. However, things like marriage and other things that we think of as “secular” rights are managed by the Orthodox rabbinate. We make no claims regarding our program and Israeli civil law or religious law, because of the ever changing nature of international law.

  • Anthony Adams

    Thanks for the quick reply. Marriage isn’t even on the horizon anytime soon. And I’m looking forward to the program once it starts.

  • Her Grumpiness

    Well…maybe the solution is to establish some sort of network of cooperative Jews willing to make this happen. The mikveh part is kind of tricky. All of the mikvaot here are run by Lubavitch. All you need is a living body of water, but it should be a pleasant experience. So far, I’ve nearly drowned in undertow, developed hypothermia, and dodged jellyfish while trying to have a peaceful and spiritual moment.

  • Dave

    Hi I live in the UK and have signed up for information about the programme but have just seen the details about travelling to Atlanta. Based on the comments you made in reply to Andrea above it may not be possible to do it. I expect the only answer is to find a local rabbi willing to carry out the mikveh, circumcision could be certified by a rabbi locally also by viewing a medical certificate if necessary. Could the beit din be done by Skype? (a bit unsatisfactory but theoretically possible, possibly supplemented or preceeded by the completion of a questionnaire

  • PunkTorah

    at that point, though, if you have a local rabbi, mohel and mikvah, then conversion online is a waste of time. converting with a local community with all those resources is easier…no?

  • Dave

    Actually, no I don’t have a local rabbi that is likely to offer just those things, or even a local community at all. I would be interested in the programme, but travelling to the US is not really on, at least with present financial and other limitations..
    I would suggest, indeed, that it would be better if a way were found that allows for conversion without travelling, as this would increase take-up I am sure. It may not be possible, I am not qualified to judge. Just one thought / suggestion: could your eventually ordained Darshanim, if willing, supervise the ritual of mikveh? If circumcision was medically performed and certified, , could a beit din be convened over Skype ? Merely suggestions nthat’s all

  • PunkTorah

    let me rephrase what i said. what i meant was, if someone (not just you, anyone) lives in a city where we could find a mohel and a mikveh, then they should try to convert locally, because they have everything they need there…we’re just playing administrative assistant at that point. great suggestions tho!

  • PunkTorah

    love the idea, tho administratively id be concerned that would turn into a nightmare to manage. don’t get stung by jellyfish! that’s no fun.

  • Rick Rivera

    Wow, Patrick, this is a great development. I’m so happy to see this happening. If you need any help, let me know. My Conservative synagogue has a very active Jews By Choice program and I could put you in contact with the coordinator if you need resources in the Chicago area.

  • Andrea

    Patrick, I just responded to this kind of in the survey you put out on the class.

  • Andrea

    For those of us wanting to convert to Reform standards, a mikveh is not required (nor is a Beit Din techincally), perhaps for those of us that are okay with a Reform conversion, if there are rabbis willing, we could do a Beit Din over skype?

  • Sabba Zvi

    Are there any restrictions on who might be accepted to this program? For example, if the potential convert is married to a non-Jew, would that be a problem?

  • Her Grumpiness

    Well…would it maybe be difficult for someone (either the convert or the PunkTorah staff) to contact the local Federation office and maybe get some help that way? It would have to be on a case by case basis I suppose, but Federation is usually pretty helpful for local resources like that. It takes the management pressure off PunkTorah and maybe gets properly vetted resources. Just thinking out loud here. I really want to make this happen.

  • Philipe Macedo Pereira

    I already answered the survey. I’m from Brazil and there aren’t conversion programs around my city or even my country, however I want to convert. Is it possible to take this Conversion program? Shalom, Philipe Macedo Pereira

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  • Klára

    Can I ask why it won´t be recognized by most of Jewish denominations?

  • FromCanada

    Just a question regarding the conversion, will the conversion certificate be issued by bet din from Bnai Torah or from your organization? When are you planning to start the online program? Will the conversion be accepted by conservative/reformed community here Canada? My wife and I want to convert but I work in 24/7 environment so attending a synagogue will not be frequent and because here in Toronto, Conservative/Reformed community require you to take a class w/c I won’t be able to attend religiously. I left my own faith more than a year ago after discovering the truthfulness of Torah/Judaism and my wife just recently discovered the truth as well without me prodding her – an answered prayed from G-D indeed. My soul is yearning for G-D and his Torah and I’m convince that converting is the only way to satisfy my soul and lead my own family to G-D .

  • Darshan Yeshiva

    Sorry for the delay! We just updated this page with more info, and continue to as things progress. Our conversions include a Reform rabbi and two post-denominational rabbis, so I would check with those communities. Because there is no central Jewish authority in Canada or the States, each community sets its own standards. Hope that helps! -Darshan Yeshiva

  • Darshan Yeshiva

    Sorry for the delay. Details for things like that are being worked out right now. Sign up for the email list for more details. Sorry to not have a more concrete answer. -Darshan Yeshiva

  • punktorah

    Hey Rick, sounds great! Would love it. Email and we’ll connect.

  • punktorah

    Unfortunately our program will require bet din, mikvah and hatafat/brit milah for men. There may be Skype based Reform rabbis who would do that, but I’m not familiar with them. -Patrick Aleph

  • punktorah

    I actually take back what I said. I’m not 100% sure what the status of non-Orthodox converts to Judaism is in Israel. I have gotten mixed reports as of Jan 31 2014. -Patrick Aleph

  • punktorah

    Our bet din includes a Reform rabbi, and different communities have different rules regarding their acceptance of conversions by Reform rabbis. The general rules (pasted in links above) are that a rabbi who supervises bet din, mikvah, brit milah (if applicable) is upheld by Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist. Renewal and Humanistic don’t appear to have movement-based standards, so I’m not sure the answer. Orthodox will not, under any circumstances that I am aware of, accept non-Orthodox conversions. In fact, sometimes there is controversy between different Orthodox movements (take the case of Avi Weiss recently). Hope that helps. -Patrick Aleph

  • joshua

    could i become jewish even though i am eleven

  • Rabbi Patrick

    Hi Joshua, you need to wait until you are 18 to do our program.

  • Grace Morris

    I’m already converted but I think this is doable! We run businesses and earn degrees online. All of which requires us to be active in groups too at times, virtually of course. Of course the bet din and mikveh need your physical presence, so you being the sponsoring rabbi – seems no choice but to be able to travel to your location.

  • Rabbi Patrick

    Greetings friends! Our conversion to Judaism page has moved to our new website,

  • LarkLeaf

    I’m interested in converting, but my knowledge of Judaism barely scratches the surface. I am stumped and I don’t know how to move forward, whats my next step ??

  • punktorah

    Hi Emily,

    I would look at the local Jewish community in your area and possibly join an Intro to Judaism or conversion program. If you aren’t near a program or the right kind of community, check out and see if that’s a good fit for you.

    Let us know how we can help!

  • Stella

    Good morning,
    I am new to this website, after looking for advise I came across this link. I’m considering conversion and need assistance.

  • sharon

    good evening happy to provide you any advice you might need. so please don’t hastate to ask. i don’t have the knowledge of a rabbi’s but i have many of them very close to me i can ask in case i got stack to answer your query

  • WannabeaJew

    Could I do the online classes here but do an Orthodox conversion somewhere else based on the curriculum I completed here.? If yes then where in the US or Canada or World could I do an orthodox conversion based on a conservative curriculum? My goal is to fast track the learning process. My local Orthodox communities do not do conversions. Thanks.


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  • Bernard Weckmann

    I converted to Judaism thirty-something years ago before the orthodox Beth Din in Melbourne, Australia and went to live in Israel for four years. What an eye-opener!!!
    Anybody who wants to convert ought to think again – you ought to know that you will not be welcomed or even recognised as a Jew anywhere even if you have an orthodox conversion. This happened to me in Australia AND especially in Israel.
    You will always be viewed like an unwelcome guest who has invited himself to the party! You will not be considered a Jew by the “real” Jews who think that eating gefilte fish is all that is necessary to be a proud Jew (never mind knowledge and/or commitment!).
    I have abandoned Judaism and the Chosenites.
    Bernard Weckmann

  • Jens Mueller

    but a mikveh and beth din is required under jewish law

  • Jens Mueller

    According to USY Now it’s seems easier to be approved for Aliyah after Conservative conversion than an Orthodox one. In 2010 there were a few cases of people who were converted by known and recognized Orthodox rabbis in the U.S. and Canada, but the Conversion was not recognized by the Rabbinate in Israel, therefore, the Ministry of Interior did not approve these Candidates for Aliyah

  • Yossi

    Agreed. I converted Orthodox & moved to Israel a few years ago.

    The Jewish world(s) is NOT what you expect; although they make a lot of claims.

    Here is a test that you can do on your own free time: go to a church & ask strangers how often they talk to G-d.
    Now, go to a Shul/Temple/Synagogue & ask strangers if they EVER have talked to G-d (without using a prayer book)….in my findings the “Jews” that say they have talked to G-d usually aren’t even accepted as “Jews” by the other people in the congregation.

  • Yossi

    Ask this question to an Orthodox Rabbi. More than likely, he will tell you that you’ll jeopardize everything if you convert conservative.

    Orthodox rabbis have less of a problem if you told them that you bowed down to an idol & sacrificed a goat to it, than if you tell them that you belonged to a conservative or reform community. Don’t believe me? Go in person to an Orthodox shul & ask around.

  • carlos

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  • BABA


  • BABA

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  • Marianne

    Please has there been any update on this topic? Many thanks,

  • Zeke

    Out of curiosity, how does the program handle conversions for those who are intersex and/or transgender? I myself am planning on converting locally, but I imagine the question will come up eventually (if it already hasn’t); it may be worth thinking about in advance, so that you will have a sensitive response prepared — be it welcoming them to the program with open arms, or referring that person to another program or resources which better fits their needs.

  • punktorah

    Hi Zeke, our program does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity. All conversions require a great level of sensitivity, and any/all issues that would need to be worked out would be done so on a case by case basis. You can see an article we wrote about this here: