OneShul: Online Indie Minyan


OneShul is the world’s only online, lay led independent minyan. Broadcasting live, interactive classes, prayer services and holiday events, OneShul is radically transforming independent minyanim and chavrutah with video streaming technology. OneShul archives all of our live events and the website also features a virtual prayer wall for misheberach (healing prayers) and a yahrzeit memorial wall.

  • Lisa Koffler

    Your website has NO phone number.

  • punktorah

    Hi Lisa, you can always reach us via email at Once you email us, we’ll be happy to call you or speak with you on Skype if you need anything. Thanks!

  • johannes

    want to learn more about hebrew GODs

  • johannes

    thank you, learn more about hebrew language

  • shana

    when will you have the around the world shabbat table from tonight online? thanks in advance. :) I missed it due to the time zone difference of where I live. I was very sad I missed it.

  • punktorah

    It should be up. It takes about 3 days to post something. thanks!

  • Andrew Howard

    I am hoping one day you will introduce closed captioning for your streaming services. I am hearing impaired and it would be a great benefit to me and others as well.

  • PunkTorah

    We’d love to. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the financial resources to pay someone to live caption or transcribe our video. Do you have some thoughts on how we could do that? Because we really want to.

  • Genia Wheeler

    I was wondering if you would talk about converting kids. One book said if your kids were young when you converted and you raised them Jewishly then when they do the bar-bat mitzvahs then could do the mikvah and it would be done. But then I talked to a rabbi who said the kids would have to convert themselves as adults. I read a story of a family with young kids all converting together. I have 3 under 7yrs and we don’t know what to do.

  • Andrew Howard

    There are reasonably good text to voice programs that are relatively inexpensive.

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  • Guest

    Yes it does. Please read the “About Us” page.

  • Ahmed

    i want to convert to judaism please contact me at

  • Sam

    They’d have to be at least 13 years of age to do the bar mitzvah and the mikvah.

  • William Vipond

    Shalom Rabbi, brothers and sisters, from the Great White North of British Columbia,Canada,on the Alaska Hyw.
    I could really use your advice. As a Jew how do I celebrate Remembrance Day?. This was the day my mother passed away. Is there a special Mitzvah I can say or do for her. Also is it ok to grocery shop at a store owed by Muslims. I know this because the meats they sell are stamped Hillel. Any response would be welcomed. Also I need to have my ten top teeth removed during Hanukkah pray I do not chicken out and go through with it. Any answer can be sent to Shalom for now, William (ABJ)

  • Maura Taylor

    I just read your interesting article, “Three reasons converts to Judaism are treated poorly…”. Rabbi David Shor ( Temple Albert, Albuquerque NM-in the 60s & 70s), who taught was my childhood Rabbi and taught the 12th grade class Sunday School had an explanation of why Jews do not seek converts. He said that since the second diaspora many people of other religions (especially Christians) often viewed Jews with suspicion. They feared, among other things, that Jews intended to lead their people astray via conversion. An analogous fear is seen in homophobics who feel homosexuals plan to “recruit” heterosexuals to their way of life.

    As a result, the Rabbi said Jews stopped prostelizing, the last major effort in that direction being the mass conversions of the White Russian people. The White Russians, of course, were subsequently converted to Christianity.

  • Nik

    When are your daily prayer services? (add time zone to answer please)
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  • punktorah

    All of our service times are listed on our calendar at