Lego Star Wars Passover, Childhood Autism and Giving Back Jewishly

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Meet our new volunteer Aiden.

Aiden is an almost 9 years old boy with high functioning autism.

Aiden’s mom is a member of the OneShul community, and asked Aiden if he would like to contribute to our Passover section at PunkTorah. So Aiden, Mr. Craftsman Extraordinaire, built us the Exodus narrative…out of Star Wars legos.

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The Hebrews building the pyramids

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Baby Moses

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Moses going before Pharaoh

Aiden’s mom sent us a message:

“Aiden has so many wonderful questions and says he is amazed he is part of something so awesome.”

Aiden, thank YOU for being so awesome!


Yours friends at PunkTorah

  • Maxine

    Wow that’s fantastic Aiden. Pesach is such fun. I got my feet licked by a 3 year old ‘lion’ under the table during a reenactment of the plague of wild beasts at our Seder.
    More fun next year. Chag sameach everyone.

  • Shaun

    Loved this. Great job Aiden!

  • Laurie

    My kids loved seeing this, they’ve been inspired to try their own lego re-enactments :) thanks for sharing!

  • PunkTorah

    Send us their re-enactments and we’ll post them!

  • Isabelle Cohen Johnson

    Great inspiration for my 11 y.o. Asperger boy who would only stick to instructions when it comes to build with Legos! Thank you, Aidan! Chazak u’Baruch!<3

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