Jewish Holidays 2014

Jewish holidays start in the evening before the “first day” of the holiday. Example: if you want to celebrate Hanukkah, you would start on the evening of the 27th, even though the holiday “day” is the 28th.

What the Holiday is About
Pesach Apr 15-22, 2014 Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread.
Seders, no bread-y stuff other than matzah.
Yom HaShoah Apr 28, 2014 Holocaust Memorial Day
Rosh Chodesh Iyyar Apr 30, 2014 Beginning new Hebrew month of Iyyar
Yom HaZikaron May 5, 2014 Israeli Memorial Day
Yom HaAtzma’ut May 6, 2014 Israeli Independence Day
Pesach Sheni May 14, 2014 Second Passover, for those who missed Passover the first time
Lag B’Omer May 18, 2014 33rd day of counting the Omer.Bon fires, smores and singing
Yom Yerushalayim May 28, 2014 Jerusalem Day
Rosh Chodesh Sivan May 30, 2014 Beginning new Hebrew month of Sivan
Shavuot Jun 4-5, 2014 Commemorates us receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. All night studying, Book of Ruth and cheesecake
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz Jun 28, 2014 Beginning new Hebrew month of Tammuz
Tzom Tammuz Jul 15, 2014 Fast commemorating the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar
Rosh Chodesh Av Jul 28, 2014 Beginning new Hebrew month of Av
Shabbat Chazon Aug 2, 2014 Shabbat before Tisha B’Av (Shabbat of Vision)
Tisha B’Av Aug 5, 2014 The Ninth of Av, fast commemorating the destruction of the two Temples
Shabbat Nachamu Aug 9, 2014 Shabbat after Tisha B’Av (Shabbat of Consolation)
Rosh Chodesh Elul Aug 26, 2014 Beginning new Hebrew month of Elul
  • Jay aguirre-levy

    Thank you for the info…..jay

  • David Hamrouni

    I’m trying to return to my lost roots. I just miss to be with the community. By the way, I am from Montreal and not Atalanta. I lost almost all my hebrew language.
    There is still hope.

  • Susie-Marie Woods

    This is great! Thank you!

  • Mike Venuto

    At services last night my Hebrew was not there period… it has been years for me… since I was 5… enjoyed the services…thought of my family I knew in the 40′s…long time but great service.

  • Tracey S Heron

    These are all very helpful stuff, especially for someone like myself who is getting accustomed to the Jewish ways of doing things which is very fitting for me.

  • Natan

    November 28th – Chanukah, the perfect time to give a present x G-d Bless

  • Philopius

    don’t you think its strange that the holy days given are not scriptural. if the Rosh Hashana is on the 5-6th of September, and Pesach should be on the 14th day of the 1rst month. Then how do you have Pesach on the 15th of April. Then if Sukkot is meant to be on the fifteenth day of the seventh month how can you have new years day and Sukkot in the same month. Looks like someone is pulling the puppet stings.

    Without offending anyone I think that people need to match the festivals with the scriptures. Even Christians do not keep the scriptural holy days.

  • Carel van Heerden

    As a non Jewish person how do i wish my Jewish friends today?

  • sundararajan

    thank you for this information. I belong to jeus family. I am glad but i have Indian name as hand some king. praise be to God. I am here in India

  • walid

    BTW their months names are similar to the Arabic once
    adar= athar
    iyyar= ayyar
    tammuz= tammouz
    av= ab

  • mepius

    You might note that the first Jewish month is not January, it is April (approximately). Do some homework. Mepius

  • Jeffrey Allan

    Your comments are truly anti semetic. If you are really a Jew, than you sound like you are padding your resume in hope to be the modern day Judenrate if the situation arises.

  • Andryan Tassy

    God Bless you ISRAEL

  • Nathaniel Frimpong

    why is the passover starting on 14th then here the calender said is starting on 15th?

  • Phil

    it starts the night of April 14th as the Jewish day begins at night

  • Anthony

    You are right I did my homework. Thanks

  • ambong damian

    The arrangements of my foot fingers, show that I belong to the Greek ancestors….

  • LA

    I want to know …when the first day of the first month is?
    In Canada this is January 1st…..but what is the month name and day on the Jewish calendar for 2014?

  • Imran

    they way Israel is behaving now, soon people will call Hitler as the greatest servant of humanity…..