I’m Joining the Korach Synagogue (Parshah Korach)


This week’s torah portion is about rebellion. It’s about a guy named Korach who asks Moses the million dollar question: if everyone amongst the children of Israel is holy, a nation of priests, then why the hell are Moses and Aaron in charge of everything?

In the end, Korach’s rebellion is put down by God who swallows them up in the Earth and torches them Nadav and Avihu style.

Korach lost the battle: Moses, Aaron and the centralized priestly cult won this one.

But if Moses or Aaron were here today, they’d probably think, “nuts, Korach won!” There is no central cult, no ritual sacrifice, no high priests. In effect, all our synagogues are Congregation Beth Korach.

Korach and his minions lost the battle. But in the end, he won the war.

Weird, huh?