FREE Kol Nidre // All Vows EP Download NOW!

PunkTorah is proud to announce the release of Kol Nidre // All Vows, a free digital EP from artist and performer Rebecca Wright.

This mini-album takes Kol Nidre, the classical song of Yom Kippur, and “remixes” it in three formats: vocal, vocal/piano, and a dark, electro “chill mix” by PunkTorah founder Patrick Aleph.

This music will be included in the Erev Yom Kippur service broadcasted live on

Download the tracks below in this .zip file.

Kol Nidre (entire album in .zip file)

You can also download one track at a time via Bandcamp below…

May you have a meaningful fast,

Rebecca Wright + the volunteers and staff at PunkTorah

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  • Aron G.

    I tried to download the file, but when I try to unzip the file, nothing comes out. I checked previously downloaded zip files and those extracted fine, but this doesn’t. Has it worked or not worked for anyone else?

  • Shawntelle

    I had the same problems, and thought I was just experiencing computer illiteracy problems, or that my computer was about to crash again.

  • punktorah

    If you go on there now, it works. You can download the tracks via the Bandcamp links.