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These .pdf versions are 100% free. eBook versions are available in Nook and Kindle formats. If you enjoy these free books, please give a suggested $2.00 donation per book to PunkTorah.


The Ultimate Shavuot Guide

The newest book from the PunkTorah family. Essays, recipes, rituals and more, this handy guide to Shavuot will help you take ownership of this sacred holiday. Imagine ice cream, spirituality, blessings, warmth and study: that’s the Shavuot way!
circle pit the bimah

Circle Pit the Bimah: Commentaries on the Weekly Torah Portion

This collection of dvrei Torah (teachings on the weekly Torah portion) by Jeremiah Satterfield is a mosh pit frenzy of stream-of-consciousness journalism about God, Jewish identity, Jewish history, life, love and everything in between.
ahavah rabbah cover CORRECTED

Ahava Rabbah:The OneShul Community Siddur 5772

This transliterated Hebrew/English siddur supplement was written by the community. In it you’ll find:

Prayers for the Three Daily Services, Shabbat, Havdalah and Holidays
A bencher (Birkat Hamazone)
Passover Haggadah and More!
anthology CORRECTED
PunkTorah: The First Anthology

It’s a no holds barred collection of spiritual insights,

cultural reflections and in-your-face articles by PunkTorah

co-founder Patrick Aleph.

It’s a journey to the end of Jewish America and back.
machzor large CORRECT

OneShul Machzor 5773

This eBook is our first prayer book for online High Holidays services.

In it you will find:

High Holidays Meditations
Prayer Services for Rosh Hashanah
Prayer Services for Yom Kippur
Articles, Insights and Menu Planning Guides

NewKosher Cocktail Book

Move over, Don Draper. This cocktail book is filled with 1960’s inspired cocktail recipes for your favorite boozy, schmoozy Jews.

Also included are tips on how to build your own home bar (great for all those holiday parties) and great party recipes for budding chefs.

NewKosher Vegan Cookbook

Delicious vegan, kosher recipes from all over the PunkTorah community, including some amazing menues for Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah and even the Yom Kippur break fast!
Kol Nidre // All Vows, by artist and performer Rebecca Wright. This mini-album takes Kol Nidre, the classical song of Yom Kippur, and “remixes” it in three formats: vocal, vocal/piano, and a dark, electro “chill mix” by PunkTorah founder Patrick Aleph.

Download each track below…

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