Cheshvan: Shinui Ma’aseh Challenge

Cheshvan, which starts at sundown October 16, 2012, is a month free of holidays. Because of this, Judaism often sees this as a sad or barren month. However, there is another school of thought that I want to embrace and share with the PunkTorah community. This school of thought says that Cheshvan is a month to take on new practices because there are no holidays to do.

I propose that we, the PunkTorah community, take on a Cheshvan challenge. What if we, together, use this month to make our lives and the world a better place? What if we pull forward a concept from the Days of Awe: Shinui Ma’aseh (שי

About Ketzirah

Ketzirah is a Kohenet, Celebrant, and artist. She works with individuals and groups to explore, discover, and create meaningful rituals and ritual artwork to mark moments in life.