Pumpkins: The Secret to Sukkot


Sukkot is coming up, and autumn for us is all about the noble pumpkin. Pumpkin is a squash originating from America. Squash was unknown in Europe until 1492 when Columbus returned. The word squash is of Algonquin origin, a Native American language. Hard shell, mature, yellow-fleshed varieties like turban, acorn and pumpkin often referred to […]

DIY PVC Pipe Sukkahs and PunkTorah Retro-Sukkot Videos…It’s A Succos Showdown!


It’s Sukkot, which means building the ancient Hebrew version of the double wide trailer, probably going to the emergency room when you whack your hand with a hammer, and of course, eating! Here at PunkTorah, we have all your Sukkot needs taken care of with our Succos Showdown! Here’s a retro-video of me and Michael […]

How To Fast On Yom Kippur


If you’re a foodie, Yom Kippur is the worst day of the year. But here are some tips that will make it easier. Drink A Lot of Water A few days before Yom Kippur, try to eliminate caffeine, alcohol, sugary drinks and other non-water beverages from your diet. All those chemicals that keep you going […]

Bad Jew: Kosher Virginia by Sarah Bas Avraham


In this article, Sarah Bas Avraham talks bbq and the perils of keeping kosher in rural Virginia. Interested in kashrut and kosher recipes? Make sure to also check out our kosher recipe blog! Bad Jew! I’ve been moving into a new dwelling. This is hard work in all respects, physically, mentally, emotionally. I was lucky […]

Simply Tender Brisket and Savory Kasha Varnishkas

This week’s recipe comes to us from our new friend and Kosher foodie, Mark Meisel. I’ve had this recipe several times before, and even when I was a vegetarian, I would only eat this meat. Thanks for the recipe, Mark! -Daniela   Besides worshipping G_D and laying guilt trips on each other, the most joyous […]