The Parshah Pinchas Feminist Dvar Torah Roundup Spectacular


No way around it, Parshah Pinchas is about the power of women to stand together in solidarity: and how God is completely cool with that. So in honor of that spirit, we bring you a boat load of dvrei Torah on the awesomeness of community and bucking tradition…for the sake of tradition! A Spear, A […]

What Girl Talk’s Mashups and the Bible Have In Common (Parshah Balak)


In case you’re not the clubbing type, Girl Talk is an electro-mashup artist who’s quasi-illegal music takes samples from other people’s music and fuses it together with other samples, creating new and original art. An opening song from a Girl Talk set may include samples as far reaching as Black Sabbath, mixed with a hip […]

Idolatry Is Totally OK (Parshah Chukat)


  Picture it: Limmud Weekend. Two summers ago. I’m at a retreat for Jewish adults and families. It’s like summer camp, for everyone. And at this very moment, I’m having a shouting match with a rabbi. I said, “Don’t you think, rabbi, that all the minhag and all the interpretations and Talmudic stuff detracts away […]

I’m Joining the Korach Synagogue (Parshah Korach)


This week’s torah portion is about rebellion. It’s about a guy named Korach who asks Moses the million dollar question: if everyone amongst the children of Israel is holy, a nation of priests, then why the hell are Moses and Aaron in charge of everything? In the end, Korach’s rebellion is put down by God […]

What’s That String Sticking Out Of Your Pants? (Parshah Shelach Lecha)


There’s this urge when you become religious to buy every piece of Judaica possible. It’s a process that starts with simple jewelry, of course with chamsas and magen david on them. Then we move onto goofy tee shirts that say “matzah baller” or “I don’t roll on the Shabbos”. Eventually you start buying real Judaica, […]