YouTube Is My Siddur (or, Why I Can’t Stand Prayer Books)


By Rabbi Patrick For many years, I have struggled to find a siddur that reflects the poetry of my life. I have trouble finding a book that speaks with honesty about human life, about Jewish life, and at the same time understands that humanity is not a species that lives in the literal, but lives […]

A Prayer For NOT Healing (or How To Thank God For Refusing To Cure You)


I’ve been sick for about a month now. With an MRI next week, assuming everything looks good, then I’ll make a full recovery. But what if I don’t? What if God does not heal me? A lot has been written about this in Jewish history: an attempt to understand why bad things happen, and what God’s […]

Has Anyone Seen My Kavanah?

Prayerful Heart

Okay, here’s the thing: while I typically possess the organizational skills of an ant with OCD, over this past year my every attempt at organization has been confounded. I believe that this is due, in large part, to my lifestyle becoming increasingly nomadic; and my resistance to this. In an effort to both conserve space […]

Kavanah vs. Keva In Jewish Prayer


Kavanah. If you’re Jewish, you’ve probably heard the word thrown around by your Rabbi, or perhaps by a friend. Perhaps you use it yourself on a regular basis. For me, it’s a biggie. Loosely translated as “intention,” and related to the word kivun meaning “direction,” living life with kavanah is an ideal I strive towards […]

NEW eBook: OneShul High Holidays Machzor

For Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

We are thrilled to announce the release of OneShul Machzor 5773, the siddur for our first OneShul High Holidays Services. Click here to download the new book. And please, give a suggested minimum $5.00 donation to support the work we as a community are doing. Our prayer service schedule for High Holidays includes: 9/16 @ […]