God Demands Jewish Innovation: Second Passover


As if Passover Number One wasn’t bad enough, on 14 Iyar we are given the opportunity to do Passover all over again with Pesach Sheini, the Second Passover. According to Numbers 9:1-14 (Parshah Behaalotecha), there were certain people back in the old days that couldn’t participate in the official Passover sacrifice. They included people who […]

Tichels, Tzniut & All About Jewish Women’s Hair Covers (Plus A Video How To)


You may have heard of or seen Jewish women wearing scarves as a head covering. They are often referred to as “Tichels” which is the Yiddish word for scarf. The Hebrew transliteration is mitpachat. Many of the women wear them because of the Jewish law that a married woman should cover her hair when around […]

Planting, Seders and Psalms: Practices for Shevat

calligraphy tree

Editors Note: we will be having a Tu B’Shevat themed Shabbat service on Friday, Jauary 17th at 2PM EST at OneShul.org When most people think of Shevat, they think of Tu b’Shevat, the “new year” of the trees.  Tu b’Shevat is one of the four new years in the Jewish religion.  What began thousands of […]

Hanukkah: Festival of Lights

ketzirah lights

So I’m sitting here listening to Matisyahu rock it on the Miracle remix EP and thinking about Hanukkah.  I’ve been having this nearly heretical thought lately.  I know, not shocking for me — but go with it. Hanukkah is the festival of lights – right? The solstice aspect and the reviving of the light is […]

Veiling My Wife (Parshat Vayetzei)

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This week’s Torah portion comes from our friend Joshua Kuritzky. Want to post a d’var Torah on PunkTorah? Email patrick@punktorah.org At the outset of Parashat Vayetzei, Yaakov, weary from traveling, lies down to rest, using a rock as a pillow. Let’s let him sleep for now—he’s tired and has earned his rest—and talk about another Yaakov: […]