Online Conversion To Judaism Program


          Start your Jewish journey today Our conversion program is designed to take six months, with the final conversion taking place with a bet din in Atlanta, Georgia including a cross section of rabbis (Reform and Post-Denominational) and the mikvah at a Conservative synagogue. Classes are self paced and self-taught, so […]

You Aren’t Jewish Enough (and A Story About Chopsticks)


Note: this article is very “trigger-y”. Fair warning. A few months ago, I led a Shabbat service online at OneShul around the issue of legitimacy. I asked my fellow congregants, “what is the legitimate form of Judaism? Who is legitimately Jewish? And who is legitimate enough to make these kinds of judgement calls, and what does that […]

Cap or Keppel: Fear of a Jewish convert in a small town

cap or keppel graphic

I practiced my Hebrew on Shabbat, as I waited with my yarmulke on the desk I was waiting for it to dry after I washed it carefully ready for synagogue next Friday. As I learned intensely my mum took the Keppel away and put it on the washing line, at that moment a sudden fear […]

Verbage: When Do You Consider Yourself Jewish?

batman and purple hairs

I get weirded out by nouns. Specifically of the proper variety. I know I’m a blogger/writer or whatever and I should be in love with ALL THE GRAMMARS!! but dudes I’m just not. Well, not when I guess it comes to me, like about me? I don’t know. Let me just tell you the story. […]

The New Girl at PunkTorah

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I’m stupid new to Judaism. Stupid new. Like I’m still getting around to telling some random people I’m converting, baby-stepping my way into Kosher living, and met my first Rabbi yesterday kind of new. And unlike most people I’m reading about on the interwebs, I’m more than super proud of this. I’m beyond happy to […]