Online Conversion To Judaism Expanding at Darshan Yeshiva!

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Darshan Yeshiva’s online conversion program is growing, and you need to know about it. We have increased the size and scope of our program in the following ways: Reform, Orthodox, Post-Denominational…More Ways To Convert Students are able to choose a conversion guided by Reform or Post-Denominational rabbis. Eventually this will expand to Reconstructionist, Conservative and Orthodox rabbis […]

5 Myths and Facts about the Darshan Yeshiva Online Conversion to Judaism Program

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I’d like to address the myths and facts about the Darshan Yeshiva online conversion to Judaism program. This video was taken while I was on my recent trip to Florida and was staying in a lavish extended stay hotel, so enjoy the aesthetically pleasing background. So here we go… MYTH: Our online conversions take away […]

Seeing The Light: 20-Something’s Share Their Stories of Conversion


For many women as you reach your 20’s you begin the process of creating the building blocks and choosing your path in life. Questions emerge and hopefully are answered – which career will you choose? Will you marry and have children? Where will you live? What is truly important to you? This may also be […]

Online Conversion To Judaism Program


Darshan Yeshiva’s online conversion program is distance learning based, inexpensive and self-paced. Designed to take ten months, the program covers all of the basics of Jewish life and learning, and includes one of a kind mentorship and a valid conversion. The online conversion to Judaism program includes: Online education through the Darshan Yeshiva’s unique student portal. […]

You Aren’t Jewish Enough (and A Story About Chopsticks)


Note: this article is very “trigger-y”. Fair warning. A few months ago, I led a Shabbat service online at OneShul around the issue of legitimacy. I asked my fellow congregants, “what is the legitimate form of Judaism? Who is legitimately Jewish? And who is legitimate enough to make these kinds of judgement calls, and what does that […]