Has Anyone Seen My Kavanah?

Prayerful Heart

Okay, here’s the thing: while I typically possess the organizational skills of an ant with OCD, over this past year my every attempt at organization has been confounded. I believe that this is due, in large part, to my lifestyle becoming increasingly nomadic; and my resistance to this. In an effort to both conserve space […]

Yom Kippur Is Over…Now What?


I hate Yom Kippur. Not for the fasting (it’s not fun, but it’s not that hard either), and not for the confession of sins. I can even handle the theological gymnastics of “who shall live and who shall die”. What I don’t like about Yom Kippur is the aftermath. We make our Jew Years Resolutions. […]

Online High Holiday Services @ OneShul.org


Join us for TEN online High Holidays services and classes at our sister website, OneShul.org. Attending is simple: visit OneShul.org, type in your name in the chat room, and you are all set. You can also RSVP on Facebook. All services are listed in Eastern Time. ROSH HASHANAH Sept 3 @ 8PM: Beginner Rosh Hashanah Class […]

FREE Kol Nidre // All Vows EP Download NOW!

kol nidre all vows cover

PunkTorah is proud to announce the release of Kol Nidre // All Vows, a free digital EP from artist and performer Rebecca Wright. This mini-album takes Kol Nidre, the classical song of Yom Kippur, and “remixes” it in three formats: vocal, vocal/piano, and a dark, electro “chill mix” by PunkTorah founder Patrick Aleph. This music […]

Foregiveness: A Yom Kippur Thought


In the midst of a deep spiritual crises, the “golden calf” episode, the Creator revealed to Moses the “Thirteen Attributes of Compassion” (Exodus 34:6,7). Since then, invoking these “Thirteen Attributes” at opportune times have brought about the Creator’s unconditional forgiveness. The “Date Palm of Deborah” is short book written by the renown Kabbalist Rabbi Moshe […]