PunkTorah’s Virtual Mishloach Manot

Every Purim we give mishloach manot, little goodie bags filled with cookies, candies, airplane bottles of booze…you know, whatever you are into. Unfortunately, an online community doesn’t have virtual mishloach manot. And while 3D printers can do amazing things, we haven’t managed to find one that can bake the perfect poppyseed hamentaschen from digital schematics. […]

Adar: Food as Transformation

What so many of us know about the holiday of Purim is what we can remember from the reading of the Megilah, getting to scream and yell in Synagogue, and, well, getting really…really….lit. Nothing like a Jewish holiday where we are actually supposed to get drunk and party. Yes. It’s the Jewish Mardi Gras. All […]

Adar: Enter the Purim Shpiel

Yes — it’s time for Purim!  Who doesn’t love Purim?  They tried to kill us, they failed, we kicked their @$$ to the 7th generation — LET’S PARTY!!!! Over on my own site, I waxed poetic (and ritual) about the hamantaschen.  Over at , you can find some great hamantaschen recipe.  Here at PunkTorah — […]

If You Only Come to Shul Twice a Year…

Editor’s note: while High Holidays are nowhere near our calendar right now, this old piece is important because it showcases what Purim means, as well as some timely advice for Jews who are unaffiliated. Looking ahead toward the High Holidays, I imagine many Jews are considering (and perhaps dreading) what is – for them – […]

Purim Lesson Plan: “That Vashti Thinks She’s the Queen of the Neighborhood” and Other Hot Purim Topics

This Purim, consider using the amazing lesson plan designed by Ariana Katz for PunkTorah. Download the PDF here. Purim combines ritual, costume, profanity, silliness, community, and wildness that speaks to people of all ages. I often introduce Purim to people who are learning about it for the first time as “Jewish Halloween.” While that is […]

Paper Plate Hamantashen

You can’t have Purim without Hamantashen! These sweet paper plate Hamantashen are easy enough for preschoolers to make while waiting for the real ones to bake. You will need: a paper plate tissue paper in the colour of your choice. (we picked orange!) glue brown crayon Start by colouring in the underside of your paper […]