Secular Jews And What I Mean By The Term “God”


I get a gnawing sense that when I talk about God, my secular Jewish friends hear, “la la la la la la la la”. When I read atheist blogs, or comments on religious Facebook posts, I see this wild disconnect between what people of faith mean by God, and what atheist think we mean about […]

The G-d Project and Parshat Ki Tavo

2011 Torah

Today is The Big Drop at The G-d Project: over one hundred videos of Jews across the country talking about…well…God! We are so thrilled by the response we have already received about The G-d Project and look forward to you checking out the videos. This is an ongoing project, with new videos posting every single […]

The G-d Project: What We Are Learning About the Jewish People


Over at The G-d Project, we have posted a first glimpse into our finding on what the Jewish people really think about G-d, Jewish spirituality and identity. While it’s best to watch the videos directly on our website, we wanted to share a few interesting “talking points” that seem to come up consistently in our interviews: […]

Too Much, or Not Enough


Tragically, a family in my neighborhood lost their house this weekend to fire. Everyone escaped without injury (thank God), but the house and its contents are likely a total loss. The fire probably started because something was left turned-on over Shabbat and caught fire, which spread to the rest of the house. The fire started […]

God In 100 Words

Can you describe G-d in 100 words? Patrick from PunkTorah tries his best. Scroll to the bottom and see…