Death, Sex, Experience and Loyalty: The Biblical Understanding of Knowledge


There is an entire school of philosophy on knowledge called epistemology. While most of us go through our lives without thinking about the nature of knowledge (at least I do), there are geniuses around the world who spend their days trying to answer the question of what knowledge is, where it comes from, and if […]

Parshah Bo: The Power of Awareness

Reconciling the concept of divinity with the ruthless slaughter of infants can prove a barrier of significant challenge, and one that may even be insurmountable. We are called to do so when reading this week’s parshah, and we are also asked to do so when viewing the morning’s global news report. Innocent people, many of […]

Too Much, or Not Enough


Tragically, a family in my neighborhood lost their house this weekend to fire. Everyone escaped without injury (thank God), but the house and its contents are likely a total loss. The fire probably started because something was left turned-on over Shabbat and caught fire, which spread to the rest of the house. The fire started […]

God In 100 Words

Can you describe G-d in 100 words? Patrick from PunkTorah tries his best. Scroll to the bottom and see…