Parshah Mas’ei: The Stories We Tell


Finally, the indefatigable Israelites find themselves on the cusp of homecoming. They have survived 40 years of wandering towards a pledged and elusive future. Not quite lost, but lacking a fixed and known trajectory. They have endured innumerable deaths. Countless births. Love burst into life again and again, and hearts were torn to pieces. Alliances […]

Parshah Matot: When Commitment Means Breaking Vows


Trigger warning: this post contains important, personal references to eating disorders. If you or someone you love is struggling with an eating disorder, please visit the National Eating Disorders Association for information and referrals. There are times when I sense within me a power of greater magnitude than any in this world. I feel grounded […]

Parshah Pinchas: Your Own Personal Matriarch


Five women approached the Tent of Meeting. Heads covered, they walked in sync, their gaits swift and assured. The chiefs had assembled earlier that day, along with the Levites and priests. Some recognized the women as sisters. More than a few failed to mask their surprise. Women did not typically make unexpected visits, particularly without […]

What’s the Right Cup Size for this Idol? Parsha Balak + Boobs

bra square

Aside from occasionally stashing an iPod in my sports bra while working out, I’ve never found my boobs a particularly convenient cache for goods. Nor do I imagine anything larger than an iPod would make for swift and graceful recovery in a moment of passion. Which is why I laughed aloud at both the Talmud […]

Death, Wholeness and Cleanliness (Parshah Chukat)


Death comes to us in many guises. Our dreams wither, our relationships falter, our work comes to an end. We witness those we love leave this world, while we remain behind. Death alters us. We are not the people we once were and certain treasures may never be reclaimed. Any kind of death may leave […]