Flashback Friday: What’s the Right Cup Size for this Idol? Parsha Balak + Breasts

bra square

Aside from occasionally stashing an iPod in my sports bra while working out, I’ve never found my boobs a particularly convenient cache for goods. Nor do I imagine anything larger than an iPod would make for swift and graceful recovery in a moment of passion. Which is why I laughed aloud at both the Talmud […]

Parsha Korach – Bad Advice

The Rebbe once said, “Either you will affect your environment, or your environment will affect you. There is no middle ground.”  In this week’s parsha of Korach, an charismatic person (Korach) tried to take control of the temple of Israel in opposition to Aaron.  He persuaded 250 other prominent Israelites to join him.  According to […]

Parsha Shelach – You Have Courage


Have you ever came up with an idea that you thought would be terrific and everyone you talked to told you not to do it? This is a common story with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. They too were told that is was too “difficult”, “unlikely”, “impossible” and other negative terms. […]

Parsha Behaalotecha – Miriam and Intermarriage


In this week’s parsha of Behaalotecha (don’t ask me to pronounce it) we have Miriam being given a severe punishment.  Her ‘crime’ was chastising Moses for his treatment of his wife, Tzipporah.  Tzipporah had given Moses two sons (Gershom and Eliezer), had saved his life at one point, but was now being separated from Moses. […]

Parsha Naso – Repairing Ourselves

child rain

There are certain concepts which are important to recognize in Judaism.  One is that we have free will – we decide – we are not forced to do things.  Two, that we are accountable for the choices we make because we have free will to make them.  In this week’s parsha of Naso we are […]