Parsha Tetzaveh – Back to the Past?


This week’s parsha of Tetzaveh is about temples, sacrifices and priests – oh my! Seriously, we who live in the 21st Century have a hard time understanding the reasons for all of this.  Regarding kohanim, it goes against our modernity and and sense of egalitarianism that people should be given power for reasons of heredity. […]

Parshah Mishpatim: An Eye for an Eye


My phone buzzed with another Facebook notification. A friend had added me to a group for Jews committed to creating a more just world. Scrolling through the group’s virtual wall, I noted invitations to various awareness-raising events, all-calls for volunteers at homeless shelters, and notes from the last City Council meeting. Just a few decades […]

Parshah Yitro: A Mighty Fine Legacy

Today, I drafted a living will, delineating the course of action to be taken should I ever become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for myself. This will extends beyond the medical to include treatment of my body after death, funeral, burial and management of my bank account. Lacking a spouse or children, I would leave […]

Parshah Beshalach: Mi Chamocha


As my voice rises with that of the cantor, I tell myself my enthusiasm more than makes up for my staggering lack of singing ability. Shul is the only public place where I will bust out song with abandon, disregarding the sidelong glances thrown my way. I am unabashedly loud, and also happiest, when worshipping […]

Parshah Bo: The Power of Awareness

Reconciling the concept of divinity with the ruthless slaughter of infants can prove a barrier of significant challenge, and one that may even be insurmountable. We are called to do so when reading this week’s parshah, and we are also asked to do so when viewing the morning’s global news report. Innocent people, many of […]