Death, Sex, Experience and Loyalty: The Biblical Understanding of Knowledge


There is an entire school of philosophy on knowledge called epistemology. While most of us go through our lives without thinking about the nature of knowledge (at least I do), there are geniuses around the world who spend their days trying to answer the question of what knowledge is, where it comes from, and if […]

Parshah Yitro: A Mighty Fine Legacy

Today, I drafted a living will, delineating the course of action to be taken should I ever become incapacitated and unable to make decisions for myself. This will extends beyond the medical to include treatment of my body after death, funeral, burial and management of my bank account. Lacking a spouse or children, I would leave […]

Virtual Yarhzeit At OneShul


OneShul, our online, lay lead, independent chavurah, now hosts a virtual memorial wall. There you can commemorate the yahrzeit of someone you have loved and lost. Simply visit the OneShul site and contact us. We will specially design a memorial “plaque” based on your needs. Though we ask for an eighteen dollar donation in support […]

When the Disabled Die


We are burying my uncle. In a few days, I will place the last remnants of one side of my family into the ground. My mother is alone. And now, we as her children are responsible for the pieces. My mother has chosen not to have a funeral. At least, not a traditional funeral, the […]