Parshah Toldot: Hunger


Hunger is a ferocious saboteur. Physical or emotional, hunger can push us to abandon our goals, crack our moral compasses, and lose sight of what truly matters. Our tradition posits two hungry forces within us, sometimes in conflict and intended to work together. The yetzer hara is our drive towards comfort, pleasure, and security, while […]

Parsha Chayei Sarah: Choices Made (Gen 23:1 – 25:18)


O.K. I’m going to keep this week’s Dvar short and sweet. Abraham and Sarah’s time comes to an end while the next generation gets its start with the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca. At the beginning of this week’s portion Sarah departs this world for the world to come and a distraught Abraham purchases a […]

Pillar of Salt (Parshah Vayera)


Recently, I was asked if I believe the people populating our Torah actually existed somewhere in primordial Jewish history. My honest response was that it doesn’t matter to me. It is not historical fact I seek from our sacred texts, rather I search constantly for moral clarity and current relevance. For this reason, I appreciate […]

Parshah Lech Lecha: Secret Sisterhood


In legal terms, divorce is fairly straight-forward – a strict delineation of names, assets, and debts. But in practice and process, it is far less tidy. Several years ago, the end of my own marriage proved a severe and bottomless shattering. Suddenly, I discovered myself spun glass as I split into shards again and again. […]

A D’var Torah For Halloween


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. And although I stopped dressing up (and for the most part, going out) on Halloween, I still get a thrill out of carving a pumpkin and laughing at the ridiculous oversexed costumes that are on the market these days. So what does Halloween have to do with Judaism? […]