Five Ways To Reflect On the Holocaust


Today we begin Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Here at PunkTorah, we have four resources that give pause to reflect on the meaning of the Jewish community’s greatest modern tragedy. Learn About the Holocaust on Darshan Yeshiva Our Intro to Judaism course has a great series of Jewish history videos, including ones on the Holocaust. […]

Parshah Bo: The Power of Awareness

Reconciling the concept of divinity with the ruthless slaughter of infants can prove a barrier of significant challenge, and one that may even be insurmountable. We are called to do so when reading this week’s parshah, and we are also asked to do so when viewing the morning’s global news report. Innocent people, many of […]

Parsha Vaera: The Blessing of Plagues

woman plagues

As I write this, I am plagued by an injury sustained while strength-training. Ostensibly, the damage to the muscle and tissue is a result of heavy deadlifting. Truly, however, this injury arose from single-minded stubborness and a willingness to sacrifice the body in service of the ego. I routinely skip rest days, ignore pain, and […]

Parshah Sh’mot: I Won’t Do What You Tell Me


Grrrl-power badassery shines from the pages of our Torah this week! Although Parshah Sh’mot is usually defined by baby Moshe in a basket, a burning bush, and a debate with God, it also features possibly the first recorded act of civil disobedience in history. An act perpetrated by two women of courage, who with one […]

Parsha Vayechi: Bought the single for the A-side but ended up loving the B-side more. (Gen 47:28 – 50:26)


Vayechi is the final Parsha of Genesis and the Parsha where two very charismatic patriarchs cross the threshold of the world to come. Growing up when this part of the Torah cycled through Joseph was nothing more to me than a kid with a coat who ends up in Egypt nothing more nothing less. When […]