Tisha b’Av, A Holy Day of Sadness

Tish b’Av, a holy day of sadness, commemorates the destruction of the first and second Temples, a day when we read the Book of Lamentations and on which many fast. Is there any benefit to living in the past, focusing on tragedy? Or can we perhaps learn a lesson from tragedy? Rabbi Michael Bernstein of […]

Rabbi Patrick Exposed! Join us for a Reddit AMA with Rabbi Patrick

“Why don’t you write anymore?” “What’s next at PunkTorah?” “Are you going on tour again? When? Where?” “How come Darshan Yeshiva costs money?” “Are you still a punk?” You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers Join me on Reddit Friday, June 12th at Noon Eastern time for a five hour Ask Me Anything live interview where […]

Parsha Bamidbar – The Age of War

Parsha Bamidbar is about the census of the people of Israel where the counting of all male Israelites started at the age of twenty. The age of twenty was considered to be the age at which a young male Israelite could go to war. The rabbis tell us that women weren’t counted because they were […]

#ThowbackThursday: Converts, Cheesecake, and Other Reasons To Like Shavuot

My Letterman-style Top Ten Reason To Love Shavuot: 10. Cheesecake Brownies. It’s like shooting heroine and cocaine at the same time..only a lot healthier and legal. Dairy and Shavuot go hand-in-hand, and since I seldom eat meat this holiday glorifies everything I love that makes me fat. 9. You get to remember who Ruth is. […]

Free Mishnah Classes at Darshan Yeshiva

Talmud study is ridiculously intimidating. But not anymore. Darshan Yeshiva is now offering a seven-part Intro to Mishnah class, a great way to get started in Talmud study. With seven podcasts and thirteen handouts, students will gain a sense of what the Mishnah is all about, thanks to the thoughtful approach by Lex Rofes, who […]

PunkTorah’s Virtual Mishloach Manot

Every Purim we give mishloach manot, little goodie bags filled with cookies, candies, airplane bottles of booze…you know, whatever you are into. Unfortunately, an online community doesn’t have virtual mishloach manot. And while 3D printers can do amazing things, we haven’t managed to find one that can bake the perfect poppyseed hamentaschen from digital schematics. […]