Steampunk Torah: Vayishlach & Vayeshev


The steampunk drama continues with Rivkah Raven’s mixed media midrashim! Download the chapters Vayishlach and Vayeshev to follow Cora’s journey. Not familiar with Steampunk Torah? Start from the beginning by clicking here. Chapter 32: Vayishlach (And He Sent) Cora had not been aware of her surroundings for – who knew how long? Time did not […]

Steampunk Torah: Parsha Vayetze

VayetzeIllustration (1)

The out-of-this-world fantasy fiction series by Rivkah Raven, based on midrashim (legends) of the Torah portions: Steampunk Torah! This week features Parsha Vayetze. Here’s a taste of what’s in store… Cora sat and read. She forgot about Jac and the other woman whom she’d discovered missing from the Healing Cottages; she forgot that she was […]

Steampunk Torah: Chayei Sarah and Toldot


The epic fantasy miniseries by Rivkah Raven is back with two new chapters from Steampunk Torah, a re-imagined series of Jewish midrashim (legends) based on the parshah of the Torah. Never read Steampunk Torah? Catch up on what you’ve missed by reading the archives! Download the next two chapters, Chayei Sarah and Toldot by clicking […]

Steampunk Torah: Noah, Lech Lecha and Vayeira


The long awaited saga Steampunk Torah continues with Rivkah Raven’s new chapters: Noah, Lech Lecha and Vayeira. Not familiar with Steampunk Torah? Check out the unfolding saga here at Click below to download the newest chapters: Chapter 26: Parshat Noah Chapter 27: Lekh Lekha Chapter 28: Vayera

Steampunk Torah: Ha’azinu, Vezot Habrakha and Bereishit


The saga of Steampunk Torah continues with Ha’azinu, Vezot Habrakha and Bereishit. Click below to download the newest chapters by Rivkah Raven. Ha’azinu & Vezot Habrakha Bereishit