#ThowbackThursday: Converts, Cheesecake, and Other Reasons To Like Shavuot


My Letterman-style Top Ten Reason To Love Shavuot: 10. Cheesecake Brownies. It’s like shooting heroine and cocaine at the same time..only a lot healthier and legal. Dairy and Shavuot go hand-in-hand, and since I seldom eat meat this holiday glorifies everything I love that makes me fat. 9. You get to remember who Ruth is. […]

Thank You For Helping Me Grow Up: A Confession By Rabbi Patrick


Yesterday I had the honor of sitting on the bet din of Rabbi Mitch Cohen, one of the rabbis who provides conversion through our sister website Darshan Yeshiva. It’s a true blessing to sit on his bet din because Rabbi Mitch and I have become friends over the years. But it’s a double blessing because […]

PunkTorah Radio: Kosher Vegan Cookbooks and Birthday Trees


This week is all about Kosher Vegans, Tu B’Shvat and a big OneShul announcement! PunkTorah Radio: Kosher Vegan Cookbooks and Birthday Trees Also, subscribe on iTunes!

Six Things That Will SHOCK You About PunkTorah


Well PunkTorah family, it looks like we’re growing. We’re starting to get a lot of phone calls and emails from people around the world who want to know more about PunkTorah, journalists who want to write about us, organizations that want to partner with us on projects, and have PunkTorah ambassadors come out to events. […]

A Dvar Torah For Thanksgiving


My favorite episode of King of the Hill is the Thanksgiving episode, where Bobby renounces the holiday in solidarity with John Red Corn, who teaches Bobby about the atrocities that happened to the indigenous people of the United States. Growing up is a terrible thing, because the nostalgia of your childhood gets replaced by the […]