What your kippah tells me about you

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What you wear is often a symbol of who you are as a person. So too is the kippah. Velvet? Clearly religious. Knit? Clearly Amalek (according to some unruly folks). The worst is if you wear the rayon skullcaps they give you in shul outside of a religious setting. It’s like wearing short pants and […]

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and here’s what I learned

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Last December, I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. It’s basically Multiple Sclerosis, but without the publicity (bad joke, but it’s somewhat true). As a Jewish spiritual leader and as a patient with a chronic illness, I’ve learned a few things I’d like to share. It’s OK to feel bad You have earned the right to […]

5 Myths and Facts about the Darshan Yeshiva Online Conversion to Judaism Program

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I’ve decided to go old school by revamping the original PunkTorah vlog on YouTube. For my first video, I’d like to address the myths and facts about the Darshan Yeshiva online conversion to Judaism program. This video was taken while I was on my recent trip to Florida and was staying in a lavish extended […]

Converts, Cheesecake, and Other Reasons To Like Shavuot


My Letterman-style Top Ten Reason To Love Shavuot: 10. Cheesecake Brownies. It’s like shooting heroine and cocaine at the same time..only a lot healthier and legal. Dairy and Shavuot go hand-in-hand, and since I seldom eat meat this holiday glorifies everything I love that makes me fat. 9. You get to remember who Ruth is. […]

I’m Too Shy To Be Jewish (and 5 Ways To GET OVER IT)


Once a month, I get an email whom someone saying they want to convert to Judaism, or are already Jewish and want to get more involved in Jewish life, but there’s just one problem: they’re shy. These are the folks who sit in the parking lot, watching everyone else go in the building, trying not […]