Death, Sex, Experience and Loyalty: The Biblical Understanding of Knowledge


There is an entire school of philosophy on knowledge called epistemology. While most of us go through our lives without thinking about the nature of knowledge (at least I do), there are geniuses around the world who spend their days trying to answer the question of what knowledge is, where it comes from, and if […]

The Bible Is Really Boring


The Bible is filled with tiny, mundane details that are boring at best and that frankly don’t apply to our lives today. Why would someone read the Bible when most of it is about people “begatting” each other and about a bunch of animal sacrifices? Fair enough. Well, details, details, details. It turns out details […]

God is Like a Ride Sharing App (How God Challenges the Past)


In his book The God of Old, author James Kugel makes a surprising observation about how the ancient Israelites saw God in their lives. God, it turns out, was something like an obvious, tangible presence. God wasn’t an abstract concept that one had theological debates over. God just was. And sometimes this God was in […]

Is Going To Starbucks A Spiritual Act? (Plus Drag Queens, Ponchos and Tents)

starbucks drag queens

Three things to talk about here. First, let’s talk about clothes…what they communicate about who you are, what your life is about, and what you think of yourself and the world around you. And RuPaul. Then we’ll talk about a tent in the wilderness. And after that, Starbucks, sacred ritual, and how we’re basically living […]

#ThowbackThursday: Converts, Cheesecake, and Other Reasons To Like Shavuot


My Letterman-style Top Ten Reason To Love Shavuot: 10. Cheesecake Brownies. It’s like shooting heroine and cocaine at the same time..only a lot healthier and legal. Dairy and Shavuot go hand-in-hand, and since I seldom eat meat this holiday glorifies everything I love that makes me fat. 9. You get to remember who Ruth is. […]