PunkTorah’s Virtual Mishloach Manot


Every Purim we give mishloach manot, little goodie bags filled with cookies, candies, airplane bottles of booze…you know, whatever you are into. Unfortunately, an online community doesn’t have virtual mishloach manot. And while 3D printers can do amazing things, we haven’t managed to find one that can bake the perfect poppyseed hamentaschen from digital schematics. […]

Online Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program


We are strongly considering developing an online bnai mitzvah program at our sister website Darshan Yeshiva. Here is what the know so far… Kids and Adult Programs There would be an adult and kids bnai mitzvah program. Don’t worry, these are separate programs designed to be appropriate for the right age group. No Hebrew Required and […]

Convert with Conservative and Reform Rabbis at Darshan Yeshiva

romer headshot

Darshan Yeshiva, a sister website of PunkTorah, provides distance-learning conversion to Judaism through Reform, Conservative and Post-Denominational rabbis (with Orthodox rabbis coming soon!) Rabbi Ben Romer (Reform) Our current Reform rabbi is Ben Romer, who has been a rabbi for over 30 years, both in congregations and as an Army Chaplain for 22 years. He […]

What a Buddha Hand Made Me Realize About Tu B’Shvat

Tu B’Shvat is the best holiday a Jewish environmentalist could ask for. The New Year for the Trees gets us to think about the natural world, and indeed I’ve enjoyed that focus at Hazon’s Tu B’Shvat seders the last couple of years. However, my Tu B’Shvat observance has often been at odds with my general […]

Tu B’Shevat For Kids

paper leaf lantern

Alright kids, it’s almost time for Tu B’Shevat, the birthday of the trees. First, we kick off the holiday by reading the story of Tu B’Shevat with one of our book reviewer Tamara Levine’s new favorite books, Happy Birthday, Tree! written by Madelyn Rosenbery. What would you give a tree for its birthday? Ribbons, water, […]