Flashback Friday: What’s the Right Cup Size for this Idol? Parsha Balak + Breasts

bra square

Aside from occasionally stashing an iPod in my sports bra while working out, I’ve never found my boobs a particularly convenient cache for goods. Nor do I imagine anything larger than an iPod would make for swift and graceful recovery in a moment of passion. Which is why I laughed aloud at both the Talmud […]

God is Like a Ride Sharing App (How God Challenges the Past)


In his book The God of Old, author James Kugel makes a surprising observation about how the ancient Israelites saw God in their lives. God, it turns out, was something like an obvious, tangible presence. God wasn’t an abstract concept that one had theological debates over. God just was. And sometimes this God was in […]

Bible stories about 2Pac, mall water fountains, and what happens when we lose the point

pouring one out

Gather around as we tell the ancient story of 2Pac, toss coins into mall water fountains and try to figure out why we keep doing the same pointless stuff over and over again. (And some Bible just for fun.) Mall Water Fountains Like many of you, I remember my mother taking me to the mall […]

The Garden of Eden and Why Lotto Winners Go Bankrupt (With Something About Mike Rowe From Dirty Jobs)

Dirty Jobs #150

Let’s talk about the Garden of Eden, why lotto winners almost always go bankrupt, the Near Eastern concept of heaven, and why Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs is an accidental theologian. Heaven In the book Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife, author Lisa Miller writes: Gardens…were the best kind of place a poor desert […]

Is Going To Starbucks A Spiritual Act? (Plus Drag Queens, Ponchos and Tents)

starbucks drag queens

Three things to talk about here. First, let’s talk about clothes…what they communicate about who you are, what your life is about, and what you think of yourself and the world around you. And RuPaul. Then we’ll talk about a tent in the wilderness. And after that, Starbucks, sacred ritual, and how we’re basically living […]