About Us/FAQ

You matter, and you matter to Judaism. We are here because you are important to us and to God. Simple as that.

PunkTorah, a 501(c)(3) Jewish non-profit, is an online community helping people who have fallen through the cracks of Jewish life. Our multimedia network spreads a message of love, inclusion and hope to thousands of people around the world. No matter what shape you are, at PunkTorah, you fit.

Our Community’s History

PunkTorah was founded in April 2009 as a simple YouTube video blog. Today, PunkTorah is a non-profit organization with campaigns in every area of Jewish living. We are independent and unaffiliated…just like you!

We have self-published seven books, an album, launched PunkTorah.org, OneShul.org, developed The G-d Project video series, hosted events though our physical community Shabbat Atlanta, presented at conferences and synagogues, written for other websites and magazines, managed an incredibly successful social network and touched the hearts of Jews around the world. We recently launched an online school called the Darshan Yeshiva to train lay Jewish spiritual leaders as well as provide online conversion to Judaism education.

Our organization relies entirely on donations to prosper. Please consider a tax deductible contribution via Paypal or snail mail.

Rabbi Patrick Aleph is PunkTorah’s executive director.

So what is “punk” about “PunkTorah”?

Punk, like hippie, rapper, beatnik or whatever, means outsider. It means independent, DIY, pluralistic, forward thinking. It also means someone who is marginalized.

If you feel like that, then you’re PunkTorah, too.

Will you review my book/music/film?

We would love to see your work! While you are welcome to submit any kind of media related to Jewish spirituality to us, please note that sending us something does not mean we will review it. All reviews are done by volunteers who have a heck of a lot going on in their lives. Also, we have a policy that if we cannot write a positive review of your work, we simply won’t post a review, period. Our moms taught us that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Still convinced? Send us packages to the address at the bottom of the page.

Can I write/blog/make videos/sing songs/raise money for you?

Please do! We always need:

-Writers for PunkTorah.org
-Service leaders for OneShul.org
-Web Developers (experience in WordPress)
-App Developers

Email patrick@punktorah.org. He will get back to you within 72 hours.

Where are the PunkTorah people in my community? Where are your local events?

They’re online! Come to OneShul.org.

We do; however, have a local presence in Atlanta and have two events per month through our community Shabbat Atlanta.

How is PunkTorah funded?

Our current budget is about $50,000. This is what it takes to have one part time employee, seven rabbis, freelance tech and creative geniuses, three websites including the only online, independent minyan in the known world, and all 700+ YouTube videos as well as blogs, podcasts, eBooks, music, and anything else the Jewish community needs.

100% of the donations we receive are from people like you. Our average donation is $5.

Is PunkTorah Reform, Conservative, etc? Are you trying to become a movement?

PunkTorah (and it’s many sister websites) is a post-denominational, pluralistic community. We’re open to Jews and non-Jewish, spiritual seekers, of all backgrounds and associations. We are egalitarian, inclusive, diverse and excited about the future of the Jewish tradition. Our community members represent a broad stretch of the Jewish community including Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Renewal, Humanistic, Kohenet and Post-Denominational.

Our commitment to pluralism includes the rabbis at Darshan Yeshiva who range from Reform, Conservative, Renewal and Post-Denominational.

Contact Us

Email: patrick@punktorah.org

Note that we are closed on weekends and all Jewish holidays

3530 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305