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You matter, and you matter to Judaism. We are here because you are important to us and to God. Simple as that.

PunkTorah, a 501(c)(3) Jewish non-profit, is an online community helping people who have fallen through the cracks of Jewish life. Our multimedia network spreads a message of love, inclusion and hope to thousands of people around the world. No matter what shape you are, at PunkTorah, you fit.

Our Community’s History

PunkTorah was founded in April 2009 as a simple YouTube video blog. Today, PunkTorah is a non-profit organization with campaigns in every area of Jewish living. We are independent and unaffiliated…just like you!

We have self-published seven books, an album, launched PunkTorah.org, OneShul.org, developed The G-d Project video series, kosher recipes at NewKosher, presented at conferences and synagogues, written for other websites and magazines, managed an incredibly successful social network and touched the hearts of Jews around the world. We recently launched an online school called the Darshan Yeshiva to train lay Jewish spiritual leaders as well as provide online conversion to Judaism.

Our organization relies entirely on donations and class fees from Darshan Yeshiva students to prosper. Please consider a tax deductible contribution via Paypal, or taking a class at Darshan Yeshiva.


Rabbi Patrick : Your New Best Friend

Rabbi Patrick

Your New Best Friend

Rabbi Patrick Aleph Beaulier is one of the founders of PunkTorah and serves as director of the trio of PunkTorah's websites: PunkTorah, OneShul and DarshanYeshiva. 90% of Rabbi Patrick's time is spent in Darshan Yeshiva land working with conversion students and cheer leading for all the cool people who make PunkTorah and OneShul possible. He loves espresso a little too much. patrick@punktorah.org

Ketzirah Lesser : Interim Program Director

Ketzirah Lesser

Interim Program Director

Ketzirah is a Kohenet priestess, rituals, artist and our interim program director at OneShul.org. She brings a wealth of spiritual and educational insight to the Jewish community with a focus on innovative ritual and earth based Jewish practice. Ketzirah, is the author of several holiday Haggadot, a collection of poetry and has lead Jewish and interfaith communities in the Washington D.C. area. ketzirah@punktorah.org

Jeremiah Satterfield : The Smartest Man In the Room

Jeremiah Satterfield

The Smartest Man In the Room

Jeremiah is an East Coast transplant living in New Mexico aka The Land Of Enchantment. He divides most of his free time trying out new vegan recipes (most of which turn out edible), hunting down rare hardcore punk vinyl records, and watching movies and MMA on his couch. He also enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach and is a great listener. Jeremiah used to be a blogger and New Kosher cookbook editor. Now he answers all the questions you submit to questions@punktorah.org

Jenna Ryan : Bookkeeping Balabusta

Jenna Ryan

Bookkeeping Balabusta

Jenna grew up in the NYC/NJ area to a mother from the East Bronx. She knew a lot of colorful language by the age of three....especially how to tell people where to go in Yiddish. As the bookkeeping maven, she assists Rabbi Patrick with making sure our amazing Darshan Yeshiva rabbis are compensated for their hard work.

Rabbi David Hartley Mark : Literary Genius of OneShul

Rabbi David Hartley Mark

Literary Genius of OneShul

Rabbi Mark received his rabbinical ordination from the Academy for Jewish Religion, NYC with a thesis titled, “From Sacrifice to Prayer: How Jewish Worship Evolved Historically from Abraham to the Present Day”. Rabbi D.H.M posts exotic takes on the week's Torah portion on OneShul.org, as well as holding the pulpit of Temple Sholom of Pompano Beach, FL. david@punktorah.org

Channah Chaya : Social Media Ninja Panda

Channah Chaya

Social Media Ninja Panda

Channah is a Jewish convert through Darshan Yeshiva who enjoys reading, writing, painting, and too many energy drinks. She has no qualms about dressing up her 80 lb Bouvier dog in ridiculous clothing nor about her Twilight obsession. At PunkTorah she handles administrative stuff, social media, putting up blog posts and occasionally finds her way over to Darshan Yeshiva for projects. channah@punktorah.org

Joe Strassler : Designer of Graphics

Joe Strassler

Designer of Graphics

Joe is a freelance graphic designer from the great frozen north (aka: Maine) When he is not helping out with tee-shirt/website/logo designs, he enjoys skiing, snowball fights, and wrestling the occasional polar bear. joe@punktorah.org

So what is “punk” about “PunkTorah”?

Punk, like hippie, rapper, beatnik or whatever, means outsider. It means independent, DIY, pluralistic, forward thinking. It also means someone who is marginalized.

If you feel like that, then you’re PunkTorah, too.

Will you review my book/music/film?

No. And you don’t want us to, either.

We’ve done a serious audit of books and music sent to us. There’s zero evidence that it lead to multimedia stardom. We recommend trying out sites that focus entirely on Jewish music and literature. Also, you can look online to find writers who have reviewed content similar to yours. Email them and they will help you out.

Can I have a job?

We’re always looking for cool, talented people. Currently DarshanYeshiva.org is the only site accepting resumes.

Where are the PunkTorah people in my community? Where are your local events?

They’re online! Come to OneShul.org.

Is PunkTorah Reform, Conservative, etc? Are you trying to become a movement?

PunkTorah (and it’s many sister websites) is a post-denominational, pluralistic community. We’re open to Jews and non-Jewish, spiritual seekers, of all backgrounds and associations. We are egalitarian, inclusive, diverse and excited about the future of the Jewish tradition. Our community members represent a broad stretch of the Jewish community including Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, Renewal, Humanistic, Kohenet and Post-Denominational.

Our commitment to pluralism includes the rabbis at Darshan Yeshiva who range from Reform, Conservative, Renewal and Post-Denominational.

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