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PunkTorah Northwest Tour!


PunkTorah executive director Rabbi Patrick Aleph will be touring colleges in the inland Northwest, giving talks on tattoos, Judaism, Chipotle burritos and more! Come check out the fund on the PunkTorah Northwest Tour 5774. Note: we’re continuously updating this schedule, so check back for more info! Thursday October 24, 2013 @ 6:00pm — University of […]

Secular Jews And What I Mean By The Term “God”


I get a gnawing sense that when I talk about God, my secular Jewish friends hear, “la la la la la la la la”. When I read atheist blogs, or comments on religious Facebook posts, I see this wild disconnect between what people of faith mean by God, and what atheist think we mean about […]

I Just Moved To The Orthodox Neighborhood And I Weirdly Like It

My girlfriend and I just moved to Toco Hills, the Orthodox neighborhood in Atlanta, to start a OneShul pilot project called OneShul Atlanta. OneShul Atlanta is a home-based community where Jews of all ages and backgrounds can come together to experience meaningful connections to God, Judaism, Jewish culture and to each other. OneShul Atlanta offers […]

CPTB Split EP Vol. 3 (Acharei Mot and Kedoshim)


This week’s Torah portion is a double portion and continuing in the format used for other double portions the Dvar for this week will follow the split 7 inch record format where each chapter gets its own track. So here you have it folks Circle Pit The Bimah Split EP Vol. 3. Parsha Acharei Mot […]

The Tattooed Rabbi: Patrick Aleph Goes To Rabbi School


That’s right. I’m going to rabbinical school. And I’m blogging all about it under the name “the tattooed rabbi”. Shock of the century, right? It’s a decision I have gone back-and-forth on for several years. Soon, I will blog about why I made this decision, where I am going, the impact that I feel it […]