PunkTorah’s Virtual Mishloach Manot


Every Purim we give mishloach manot, little goodie bags filled with cookies, candies, airplane bottles of booze…you know, whatever you are into.

Unfortunately, an online community doesn’t have virtual mishloach manot. And while 3D printers can do amazing things, we haven’t managed to find one that can bake the perfect poppyseed hamentaschen from digital schematics.

So instead, we offer you this grab bag of of favorite Purim treats on PunkTorah. And since giving tzedakah is part of the Purim experience, we hope you’ll give a suggested $18.00 donation to support all our hard work providing Jewish community to over 300,000 people every year.


Almond Hamentaschen Recipe


Kid Friendly Feminist Purim Lesson Plan

Adar: Food As Transformation

For Kids

Paper Plate Hamentaschen and Purim Masks

Other Fun Stuff

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Adar: Food as Transformation


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Adar: Enter the Purim Shpiel


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If You Only Come to Shul Twice a Year…


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Online Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program


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