The Holocaust and Crossfit! #FAIL

Dave Driskell, a crossfit celebrity, decided to do yogic handstands at the Berlin holocaust memorial. Yeah. Bad move. Here’s what Heeb had to say about the fiasco. source

Sex Saturates Our Torah: Parshah Ki Tetzei


Sex saturates our Torah. So many of the stories central to our tradition thrive on sexuality, sensuality and straight eroticism. Entirely of her own volition, Sarah gives her handmaid, Hagar, to her husband for purposes of procreation. Lot’s … [Continue reading]

Long Live the Trees…and the Jewish Pope? (Parshat Shoftim)

2011 Torah

In parsha Shofetim, Moshe continues his lengthy oration to the Israelites. He talks about government, specifically about setting up courts and “setting a king over” themselves. He says that the king should be a Jew, not a foreigner, and that he … [Continue reading]

Death, Sex, Experience and Loyalty: The Biblical Understanding of Knowledge


There is an entire school of philosophy on knowledge called epistemology. While most of us go through our lives without thinking about the nature of knowledge (at least I do), there are geniuses around the world who spend their days trying to answer … [Continue reading]

Flashback Friday: Is Jewish Life Getting Better Or Worse? (Parshah Va’etchanan)


A guy once told me that, at least in his opinion, Jewish life was getting worse from generation to generation. The farther away we moved from Sinai, he believed, the more we forgot about the mitzvot and thus were farther removed from God. He cited … [Continue reading]